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portraitWhy Photography?

For me photography is an absorbing passion that enables me to capture the reality, the beauty, the uniqueness of the world around me – and then share that perspective with others.

In my books and Blog I talk more about how I approach my photography – both in terms of finding beautiful, unique places and in terms of the techniques I use.

With modern digital photography the creative options are endless.  It is possible to transform photographs into art images by accentuating often overlooked everyday aspects of the subject.  On this site some Galleries (see Macro or Fine Art) are my attempt to do this.

Equally the simple beauty of the landscape or light can be captured to record a special place.

This is not a commercial site – it is an attempt to portray the essence or uniqueness of places around New Zealand, or simple ordinary subjects we often overlook.  Images on this site are available for sale at cost plus a small margin for shipping etc.

When I travel around New Zealand, often by motorcycle, I plan on getting to those special places where land and light combine to create a sense of more than just the place.

I hope you enjoy the images on this website – and that they evoke in you a similar appreciation of what is around us.

Feedback and Discussion

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Stuart Macdonald

Wellington, New Zealand

12 September 2013

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